Busy times

Many things happening in the Hawkins household these days.

Brandon has been visiting Harris Road Middle School as next year he transitions into 6th grade. He already has people there calling him by name after 3 or 4 visits….does it surprise you? Jeremy has been having a difficult time as of late. He is in denial mode telling his teacher that Brandon has Batten disease but he doesn’t, and we have to almost trick him to get him to work with Ms Bunn and Mr Ian. Also, we said goodbye to Nurse Lisa at Odell this week, she moved to SC and she will be greatly missed.

Things are coming along well for the Basket Party on April 18th. Pam Barnard is AWESOME for organizing this, and thank you to the AIG students and parents, they have been doing a great job. It sounds like there will be some wonderful items for people to walk away with.

We have also progressed working on ourboys 5k Festival. If you are going to run please sign up so that we can begin to get an idea of how many runners to expect. We encourage everyone to bring family and friends, this is a family festival. You don’t have to run the 5k, walkers are welcome!!!!!! Also if you are interested in volunteering some time that day please contact Andy.Brown@wachovia.com and he will get you signed up. We are still accepting corporate sponsors if you or someone you know have a company that would like to be part of this great cause, please contact us!!!!


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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One comment on “Busy times
  1. NSB Mom says:

    Hi Chris and Wendy and Brandon and Jeremy, Curt was asking about Brandon last night, I showed him your blog and he read and read. It touched my heart to know he is still so concerned about you and your family. I follow along with your blog so we know how the boys are doing. my thoughts are with you, you amaze and humble me at the same time. Roxanne, Curt & Sammi Hickshttp://www.newsmyrnabeachmom.com

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