Easter Weekend

All three children enjoyed Easter this year. Brandon was up at 3am trying to find evidence of the Easter Bunny. This is another Batten trait, he was fixated on this. Poor Wendy, she was stuck with Brandon approaching her every five minutes from 3am on(Dad was sleeping!). “Mommy, the Easter Bunny took the picture off the wall(we are painting the study, so I had taken down the picture)” “Mommy,the Easter Bunny moved that chair in the other room.” “Mommy, he moved Jeremy’s Big Wheel out in the garage.” Not sure which is scarier, that he actually went out into the garage or the fact that we didn’t know about that until AFTER it happened.

Cubby had to get an Easter Basket too, he got two toys and some jerky treats. The toy in this picture lasted exactly 11 minutes before the stuffing came out of it. Luckily they were buy one get one.

Boys are enjoying spring break, but one of their Easter Basket gifts was alarm clocks to help them get up for school. Many of you know that they have had difficulty with this over the last couple of months. Brandon got a Spongebob alarm clock, with a FOGHORN for one of the options, funny stuff. Jeremy got a ‘Mater alarm clock(from the movie Cars) that is very funny also.


Pam Barnard has received some great raffle items for the Basket Party including a Bosch table saw, a Wii game system and a children’s bicycle! So keep the date open, April 18. Contact us at chawk328@ctc.net for more information and tickets.

Picking up steam for the June 7 event also, picked up a couple of sponsors this week for our Tshirts. Be on the lookout for more information, soon.


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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