ourboys 5k Festival 2008 and Crossroads Church

Thank you to everyone for attending this years event. As is always the case we had a few emergencies come up, the biggest being the weather. I think the high in this area was 97 degrees, but it felt a lot hotter than that. Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and donors for putting up with the weather conditions. Congrats to our overall winner Ian Smith with a time of 18:19. Ian also moonlights as Brandon and Jeremy’s Orientation and Mobility instructor when he is not outrunning the field. Our top Women’s finisher was Renee Campbell with a time of 25:31.

I have asked Justin our webmaster to post the race results on the front page of ourboysjourney.com but be patient as this is a freebie so Justin fits me in when he can. I would be happy to email you the race results until then if you will email at chawk328@ctc.net.

Brandon was affected by the heat pretty visibly to the point that we had to put him into an air conditioned car, and he wasn’t himself the rest of the day but he did enjoy himself until peetering out. Jeremy is not affected as badly by the heat so he kept up pretty well. They were two tired boys Saturday evening.

Sunday morning we became members of Crossroads Church in Concord. This was as draining emotionally as Saturday was physically. Earlier last week Anthony came over to our house and taped Wendy and I discussing our journey and he did a remarkable video that was presented to the congregation during the service. I am so incredibly proud of my wife because she spoke so eloquently and passionately on this video about our faith, our belief that there will be a cure and our hopes to grow within this church family. We were invited to Crossroads by a neighbor about two and a half months ago and from the moment we walked in the door we were welcomed with open arms. The boys love to go to Sunday School while we attend service. Thank you to all the wellwishers and prayer warriors praying for us, it really makes us stronger!


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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