Sweet Peace!

In the past Chris has updated the website due to my resistance to technology. Today, however will be Mommy’s turn to write. I felt this message was so powerful, it needed to be shared. I have been working with Jeremy on his Cub Scouts requirements, and we attend a Den meeting every Thursday night. Yesterday we worked on a law enforcement piece in his book. Jeremy made the comment that maybe he could be a detective when he grew up. I did not reaize that last night would turn out to be a huge moment for me on our way to the meeting. Jeremy started our car conversation with a very serious tone (actually startled me). He said almost quietly and very slow and clear. “Mommy, I just saw my future”. I thought he was going to mention about being a detective, so I asked him what he saw. “Mommy, I am way up high………I’m shaking so many people’s hands”. Then clearly hearing a true smile in voice he says, “I don’t have Battens Disease anymore……..then I see you and Brandon…….and oh, I tell you that I love you”. With tears flooding my face faster than the rainfall outside, I was speechless! At 8 years old, Jeremy knows his destiny and feels at peace with it. That vision he had could be when he is a teenager, or even 80 years old. Wise beyond his years! What a special child God has blessed us with. In today’s busy world, I encourage us adults to use this message to give our loved ones an extra special showing of love and gratefullness. The children are the future, and much more insightful than we know. In belief for a supernatural year!!! Wendy


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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3 comments on “Sweet Peace!
  1. chawk328 says:

    OK, when I was leaving the house this morning Wendy says, how do post on the blog? HUH?? She wouldn’t tell me what she was going to write and she failed to mention this to me last night. Minor details, huh? I love my wife and my children for teaching me about the great things in life! Chris

  2. Jane Emanuel says:

    Thank you for sharing that experience. We all hope there is a time where our kids can be who they would have been without this gene blip, thanks for making it seem possible. Jane

  3. Courtney Plaisted says:

    Using a Friday night to catch up on things I have wanted to for the past 2 months. Between work and…life…I am just now getting around to this. Thank you for reminding me to stop and smell the roses for if just a brief moment. You all are such special people! Congrats Chris on your new job! That is soo exciting! They could not have granted it to a more deserving person!

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