True emotions on Father’s Day

It is only proper for “Mommy” to blog on this special day.  What started as a Sunday of worship, turned into a day of inspiration, faith and remembering our greatest blessings; our precious boys Brandon and Jeremy. On Sundays Chris and I bring the boys into the service with us so they may  enjoy the experience of the Holy Spirit through music, fellowship, love, and mostly the teachings/sermons of our remarkable Pastor Lowell.  Each Sunday I take note of the boys during the services.  They don’t seem to ever truly take part in the hour of devotion.  Jeremy can’t sit still and sometimes ends up crawling under our feet on the floor, and Brandon is the opposite as he gets very tired sitting and leaning on our shoulders as if almost wanting to sleep.  Many times I may ask the boys questions about the church service afterwards,  only to get non verbal responses.

Through the faith Chris and I share and  awaiting the miracle of ridding all children from Batten Disease, we know it is still important for Brandon and  Jeremy to experience  the  House of the Lord for prayers and spiritual uplifting.  Well  today I personally experienced God’s work which brought me to overwhelming tears; but after much thought it actually turned out to be the best Father’s Day gift a Dad could experience.  Brandon chose to place his head on my shoulder today while Pastor Lowell at Crossroads Church delivered a very heartfelt sermon on the importance of being a Dad.  He spoke from scriptures about how fathers hold a place of great influence and how meaningful that is in raising children.  As I sat engaged in the Pastor’s words, I suddenly felt something dripping on my arm where Brandon was leaning on me.  As I looked to my side, I found my clothing wet from tears streaming from Brandon’s face.  Shortly the service was complete and I knew I had the daunting task of speaking to Brandon before leaving the church.  As usual he started with no communication, however my instincts were telling that this time he was ready to talk.  With only a few necessary words spoken, Brandon’s message was clear.  His tears were of sadness that he would not be able to be a ” Father”  because of his Batten Disease.  Praise the Lord I was able to quickly bring this to the attention of Pastor Lowell, who so graciously came to my rescue to speak the right words of hope and inspiration leaving Brandon with a smile on his face.  Now I have my answer I questioned earlier.  Children do listen to the Word of God and I know without any doubt that Brandon is a Believer, has Faith, and knows he is a Child of God!

Thank you Chris for being a wonderful Dad!  We are so fortunate the gifts that God has blessed us with, the greatest gift ever of being parents of our special boys.

Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dad’s and be grateful for your responsibility.


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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One comment on “True emotions on Father’s Day
  1. susie hawkins says:

    Thanks for sharing this important message…special boys…special parents!

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