I am Truly a Proud Mother!

Summer is here and Brandon and Jeremy are enjoying their break  with me and their dedicated caregivers.  The end of  school was very busy with wonderful events closing the year.

Brandon graduated with the 8th grade class this year.  The middle school graduation evening ceremony was very long with so many students and their families, so everyone was asked to try to keep applause until each category was complete. Near the beginning of the presentation there were five different students awarded for different Character Traits.  Brandon was presented  for the trait of most Courageous Student, which he truly earned this past year.  At the end of presentation ceremony  one single award was presented for the 8th graders.  My heart filled with joy as Brandon’s name was called to the front for Honor Roll for Academic Excellence!  I was crying already with his achievement, when for the first time all evening Brandon received a standing ovation from the entire audience and students.  WOW!  It just doesn’t get any better watching him grinning from ear to ear very proud himself of his Excellence. Truly an evening that will NEVER be forgotten.

The following week I was asked to attend a book signing event for Jeremy and his 4th grade class.  His teachers had worked with him on creating a book which he illustrated pictures and dictated the words for each page.  The 4th grade class sat in the library as Jeremy and his best friend Cam sat up front.  The teachers explained how Jeremy created his book and his friend Cam read the book aloud to the class.  Jeremy sat and smiled so thrilled with his accomplishment, as he truly should be.  I hid in the library as we didn’t want Jeremy to know I was there so his book could be a surprise.  I was flooding with tears, again a Proud Mother of my spectacular child.  For the last surprise Jeremy signed his book like a true author.  The book is bound in a hard cover and will be available in the library next school year for children to check out.

As their Mother, I experienced true events that were above and beyond any  expectation.  Two days of crying many HAPPY TEARS!!  Thank you teachers from Jeremy’s Elementary School and Brandon’s Middle School.  That exemplifies the best teaching with great outcomes.


I am married to Wendy and dad to two boys Brandon and Jeremy with Juvenile Batten Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative childhood disorder. I am also active with the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

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